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Self Care Box

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 Self-care boxes provide a unique opportunity to gently remind yourself that, especially in stressful times, your physical and mental health matter.

More than just face masks and bubble baths, self-care is about prioritizing your health, happiness, and emotional needs. Now your self-care routines can be as simple as ever with intentionally-curated  boxes perfect at promoting "me time" for yourself or loved ones.

Our boxes are guaranteed to take you from spa to "ahh." Treat yourself to a well-deserved pick-me-up with a box full of wellness items and self-care products to take care of yourself this season.


Our self-care boxes aims to illustrate just how easy it is to take a moment all to yourself. Sending a unique mix of self-care goodies that are designed to bring more happiness into everyday life, this highly-rated box delivers 1 happiness activity and 6-8 handpicked wellness goodies, including plenty of high-quality pampering products, rejuvenating aromatherapy, soothing drinks, gratitude journaling and self-help books.

Over $120+ retail value in every box!